10 More Times Tumblr Users Truly Understood Harry Potter

After seven books, eight movies, and fourteen years of enjoyment, the Harry Potter fandom shows no signs of becoming any less popular. There is no better proof of that fact than perusing Tumblr. Everywhere you turn (click?) the Harry Potter generation is there pointing out some serious points regarding the fandom.
The beautiful thing about the Internet is that it gives people a chance to see the series from another person's eyes. Sometimes it's beautiful and heartfelt, and others it's just...well, it's something. Check out these 10 more times that Tumblr users made absolute sense, and opened my eyes to certain truths in the Harry Potter series:

1. When they realized that Harry was looking for advice in all the wrong places

C'mon Hedwig, you should know this one! Aren't owls all well-equipped to handle existential crises?

2. When they pointed out who should have been the real star of the show

Ugh Sirius-ly, though. Always such a flair for the dramatic with that guy.

3. When they noticed this uncanny resemblance

Probably one of the biggest, or at least comical, differences between the books and the movies. Please, someone tell me who let this happen.

4. When they found that even Voldemort lived by a code

5. When they pictured this hilarious scenario

Leave it to Tonks to play a grand-scale prank like that. I always wish that she, the marauder's, and the Weasley twins were all at Hogwarts together. Could you imagine? Pure chaos.

6. When they put a stop to Tom Riddle's madness

Way to go, Fat Amy. Please refrain from using that word in the future, Tom.

7. When they discussed who really taught Ginny Weasley about the birds and the bees

See? He wasn't such a bad guy. That's a tough talk to have! It might as well come from a mysterious journal if no one else is going to do it.

8. When they saw that you don't have to be human to love Harry Potter

9. When they recognized Voldemort wasn't so bad, again

After spending so much time on Tumblr, I've started to forget why Voldemort is such a bad guy. Oh right, all of the senseless killing and Muggle hating. Yeah, that wasn't great.

10. When they finally saw the disappointing truth about post-Harry Potter Hogwarts

I mean, yeah education, but magical education! No matter how you slice it it's still better than my high school experience.

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