Have You Ever Noticed That These Celebrities Look Exactly Like Harry Potter Characters?

One of my favorite games to play has always been the "look-alike game". Essentially, that means picking a famous or historical person who looks like the regular person you are currently looking at. It can lead to a lot of "bad calls" and can also ruin friendships. But
overall, it's a damn good time.
In this case, combining Harry Potter and celebrities for a special edition of the "look-alike game" is a lot of fun. Almost all of these are obviously great but you may find a few that you don't agree with. But that's the whole reason that this game works. Some are good, some aren't.
So without further ado, the look-alike game with celebs and Harry Potter characters...

Ron Weasley and Ed Sheeran

This is almost unfair. I mean, the thing is, the red hair is the main reason for this look-alike. I have to admit that off the top. HOWEVER, eye color and general swag makes this a decent call.

Draco Malfoy and Kim Kardashian

This is one that, if you've been on the internet recently, you've probably already heard. It's too good to not keep on the list, to be honest. Kim Kardashian experimented with her hair and ended up looking like Draco. Yikes!

Harry Potter and Elijah Wood

These are two handsome nerds. I think that's why they look alike. It's not even like they're truly identical. Elijah Wood also being in The Lord of the Rings Franchise kind of makes this connection work, too. Two fantasy leading men.

Hagrid and Jorge Garcia

Fat guys with long hair. Two essential characters to their respective stories. Hagrid from Harry Potter and Hugo/Hurley from Lost were both friendly and lovable characters. I think these two facial expressions truly make them look alike, too.

Luna Lovegood and Elle Fanning

One of the kindest characters from the Harry Potter franchise and her long lost look-alike. It's not just because they're blonde. They also have that same ability to almost stare through you.

Bellatrix Lestrange and Christina Ricci

Wednesday Addams and Bellatrix kind of go together. They're both gothic and iconic characters. Bellatrix is a bit older, but overall, they give off a similar vibe.

Professor Umbridge and Senator Dianne Feinstein

This may seem random, but boy is it on point. If you aren't from California, you may not recognize the state's senator, Dianne Feinstein. But, she pretty much looks exactly like Professor Umbridge...

Tom Riddle and Young Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin is a bad, bad man. Tom Riddle has his own evil thing going on, too. It seems only right for the two to square off in a look-alike here. This is probably the most telling of all of these...

Dobby the House Elf and Keith Richards

All I can really say here is "eek". This look-alike call is arguably one of the best, and that's not a good thing for Keith Richards. At least Dobby was one of the cuter characters from the films... at least.

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