The 'Harry Potter' & 'Twilight' Worlds Collide in This Hilarious Fan Art!

As two of the most successful franchises in recent decades, it's hardly surprising that fans have attempted to combine characters and events from both Harry Potter and Twilight.
Trawling through the internet, I always encounter hilarious fan art that collides the two magical universes and I have decided to share some of my favorite creations with you.
Get your Twilight/Harry Potter geek on and check them out. When you're done, let me know which was your favorite in the comments below!

1. Harry & Edward get into a silly argument

Fair play to Harry. Edward was being a total show-off so he really deserved that. [Source]

2. Harry, Ron & Hermione discuss Cedric's strange re-appearance

So he wasn't killed by Voldemort after all! [Source]

3. Bellatrix rips Bella to shreds

Just look at those crazy eyes! Where is Edward to save her? [Source]

4. Harry has something to say about Bella's tough decision

He's clearly Team Jacob. [Source]

5. True love hurts,especially when you're from two different worlds

It just does, that's all. [Source]

6. Sirius Black is not impressed with Jacob

Which wolf would win the fight? [Source]

7. Ron needs to get back to reality

Fair point. [Source]

8. Edward's creepin' on Ron again

Maybe a love potion would work better, Edward? [Source]

9. Alice warns Snape

If only he knew... [Source]

9. Alice warns Snape

If only he knew... [Source]

10. It wasn't the Whomping Willow that Harry and Ron hit

Thank goodness Edward was there to save Bella from being crushed. Shame about Mr. Weasley's car though. [Source]

11. Bellatrix Swan!

What a bad-ass combination! [Source]

12. A sudden reunion

Cedric defies death. [Source]

13. "Don't do it!"

Your crying won't stop this tragedy, Harry. [Source]

14. The pale-faces come together

If only Edward could get rid of Voldemort by dazzling him... That would solve all of our problems! [Source]

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