J.K. Rowling: ‘Harry Potter’ Author Pens Beautiful Letter To Bullied Fan

J.K. Rowling is known for writing the ‘Harry Potter’ books, but that’s not the only thing she puts her pen behind! Check out the absolutely heartfelt letter the author wrote to a fan– and she even sorted him to Gryffindor!

In today’s most obvious news: J.K. Rowling is a gorgeous writer. More surprisingly, though, are some of the ways she puts her writing skills to use. A fan of the author named Johnn
ie recently shared the letter which the Harry Potter scribe had written to him and we dare you not to tear up while reading it!

J.K. Rowling’s Letter To A Fan

This will make your heart swell three sizes.

After using J.K.’s books as a way to cope through a period of bullying, Johnnie finally met J.K. at one point last year and gifted her with a notebook and a letter detailing the ways in which she helped him.

Well, in an event that proves there is still good in the world, J.K. wrote him back and her response was just perfect.
Here is the entire letter, in full:
“Dear Johnny,
You have fantastic handwriting. That’s not the most important thing I’ve got to say to you, but I thought I’d mention it — I’m a connoisseur.
On to more important things:

What you say about Harry helping you at what was clearly a dreadful time in your life means more to me than I can easily express. I freely confess that I loathe bullying and the way it is still so often “handled” in schools.
Your experience is shocking and disturbing and that you have turned out to be a compassionate, moral, highly motivated person is high testimony to your courage. Gryffindor for you, my lad…

Thank you so much for the stunningly beautiful notebook. I love it.
This letter seems to be a series of non-sequiturs, but why break the pattern: I have family roots in Ayrshire — Arran, to be precise. And I’ve never been there. Embarrassing, isn’t it? Don’t tell the Nationalists.I’m sure we’ll see each other again. In the meantime, I’ll watch out for you on Twitter.
Love from Jo”
Um, color us incredibly jealous!
What do you think of J.K.’s letter?

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