Grown-Up Wednesday Addams Has a Solution to Street Harassment & It's Awesome!

Back in the '90s, donning her iconic black dress, tight pigtails and malevolent frown, Christina Ricci made TV gold as grim-looking Wednesday Addams from the macabre The Addams Family.
With a dead-pan wit and a morbid interest in inflicting harm on others (namely her two brothers!), she is a severe little girl indeed. Out of all of the family members, I think it's wise to assume that nobody messes with Wednesday and you certainly don't tell her to smile!
Especially pesky cat-callers!
In true Wednesday fashion, YouTube personality Melissa Hunter has imagined such a scenario as part of her web series Adult Wednesday Addams.
Descending full-throttle upon pesky cat-callers who still think its entirely appropriate to shout lewd comments at women on the street, the head-strong lady effortlessly plays them at their own twisted game, with some spectacular results!Take a look at a breakdown of the awesome video and let's all bow down to Wednesday for taking a stand for women all around the world:

Quietly walking down a street, Wednesday is ambushed by two dim-wits who tell her to "smile"

They also shout other vile profanities at her, before driving off calling her a "Goth Bitch" for not responding.

Wednesday is not amused

Would you be?

She does not take to such insults lightly and tracks down the men responsible

Because they probably cat-call women all day long, they don't even recognize her at first. Do they remember every woman they assault?

The two doofuses think she has come round because she is "DTFF"

No. Not at all. She asks them: "Why do you feel compelled to yell vile things at women you don't know?"

"I tried to pay her a compliment"

Oh that's okay then! Let's just forget you also just called her "a frigid bitch."

Wednesday brings some friends with her to repay the kind favor

Thankfully, Bob is also the only one who has been previously institutionalized.

She has hired these men to lurk outside their house and pay them "compliments" All. Day. Long.

Wednesday achieves her sweet, sweet revenge

She takes her exit, advising the two guys "you'd be prettier if you smiled." Nice work!
You just DON'T disrespect Wednesday Addams, or any woman for that matter!
Check out the awesome video in full below:

It just doesn't pay to harass anyone on the street!
When are cat-callers going to learn?

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