24 Harry Potter Easter Eggs And Details You Probably Missed!

Harry Potter: making people wish they were even just a squib in order to live amongst the magical.
There are few things that have had such a huge impact on the collected hearts and souls of book and film fans quite like Harry Potter; creating magic and love for a franchise that will most definitely remain until the end of all things. J.K. Rowling’s genius and her world has influenced fans’ lives beyond mere entertainment; from memorable quotes, to realising the importance of love and friendship and everyone wanting to relocate and work in Watford… or Florida, Alnwick and Scotland just to be closer to the fictional characters they have all irrevocably fallen in love with.
The grief that has lingered since the Order Of The Phoenix (when sh*t got Siruis) is something that we would not wish on your worst enemy – okay, maybe Umbridge – and then got progressively worse over the series of the last books and films where closest friends were cruelly taken and the journey ended.
However, even now, fans have not fully appreciated the sheer enormity and dedication of Rowling’s plan for the series and there are a few things that we might have missed in the original books whilst we were in our glass cases of emotion.

24. The Entrance To Dumbledore’s Office

According to the book, Dumbledore’s office has a griffin knocker on the door.
In other words, it’s literally a Griffin Door.

23. God Bless Alan Rickman

Snape Was Trying To Save Me Gif
When you read the books and imagine the voice of Severus Snape, it really is just Alan Rickman being Alan Rickman. His emotions towards Harry throughout the films are exactly how J.K.Rowling expected him to act. And of course, it wasn’t hatred on Harry’s behalf, but the love of his mother – a secret that Rickman knew before anyone else did.
Rickman kept his secret for the entire filming process and even had to convince producers and directors to trust his portrayal of Snape.
Quite wonderfully, Rickman and Daniel Radcliffe actually had a Snape/Harry dynamic on set, according to the latter’s Reddit AMA:
“The first few years I was genuinely quite intimidated by Alan, just because of the voice and the way he sort of carries himself. But as I grew up, I realized he was one of the kindest and most supportive members of that cast to me.”

22. Lord Voldermort Parallels Adolf Hitler

Young Tom Riddle Basilisk Gif
Is the term ‘mudblood’ a coincidence?
It’s pretty much worse than the C Word in the wizarding world and while it probably doesn’t mean much to muggles in real life, it accurately depicts dictator Adolf Hitler’s opinion on minority groups. So basically, Voldemort’s rise and fall is similar to that of Hitler.
Yet somehow, you still wanted Professor Umbridge dead more than Voldemort, right?

21. Hermione’s S.P.E.W Campaign

Dobby Friend Gif

A fighter for the innocent and vulnerable, Hermione sets up a campaign in The Goblet Of Fire in order to protect those who cannot protect themselves – in this case the House Elves so cruelly abused by wizarding families.
Her movement is similar to those Minority Rights groups set up in the 60s, along with The Geneva Convention in late ’40s after the Second World War that sought to show that such abusive behaviour should not ever be tolerated.
Sadly, the films all but glossed over Hermione’s activism – but it’s not at all surprising considering how much cooler they made her look.

20. Why Standing Up To Your Friends Is Worth 10 Points

Neville Ill Fight You Gif
At the end of The Philosopher’s Stone it seemed that Dumbledore just doesn’t like Slytherin and was struggling for a reason to give Gryffindor points in order to win the House Cup. But that was far from the truth, because the headmaster knew just how difficult it was to stand up to your friends, let alone your enemies.
The moment is actually an important call-forward to a revelation that happens later in the series. Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald were best friends (or lovers, depending on how you read the text) before Grindelwald became one of the most powerful dark wizards of all time and it was Albus who had to stand up to his friend for what was right.

19. The Marauders Map: A Prophecy?

Marauders Map Four Death Gif
As well you know, Mooney, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs are the Animagi names of Remus, Peter, Sirius and James, as well as the creators of the map.
They also died in the reverse order of the names presented on the map.

18. “We Laugh In The Face Of Danger”

Fred Weasley Death Gif
Sirius Black and Fred Weasley: both celebrated pranksters from their times at Hogwarts, both died laughing. It’s what they would have wanted, apart from like, actually dying.
Still hurts, doesn’t it?

17. The Power Of ThreeHarry Ron Hermione Laughing Gif

The ultimate power and master of death: The Invisibility Cloak, The Elder Wand and the Resurrection Stone. By obtaining these three objects you can become immortal. On the same theme, there are three Unforgivable Curses, which represent the danger of power, and the lure of the dark side.
And the rule of three doesn’t end there. The friendship of Harry, Ron and Hermione – our Golden Trio – symbolises the power and strength of friendship: only them working as a threesome was enough to best both the Deathly Hallows and the Unforgivable Curses (as well as Malfoy and his two side-kicks).

16. The Chamber Of Secrets Reveals One Massive Secret!

Dumbledore Horcrux Gif

If you read the Chamber Of Secrets, you uncover the truth that Harry is a Horcrux well before it was ever explicitly spelled out.
Towards the end of the novel when the diary has been destroyed, Dumbledore tells Harry that what happened at Godrick’s Hollow connected both him and Voldermort, which is why Harry can speak Parseltongue and see snippets from Voldemort’s life. Or in other words, they’re one person, with two souls.

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