10 Fan Theories That Completely Change The Harry Potter Movies

The Harry Potter fandom has always revolved around the creation of incredibly detailed fan theories. Back when the books were still coming out, everyone was desperate to be the one to figure out what J.K. was going to do next, to dig through all of the released novels and try and find evidence of foreshadowing that would give the whole game away.

And while some of these theories were realistic and stayed relatively close to what readers knew about the books, other people went for broke and wrote involved analysis supporting their more outlandish theories. But the interesting/ridiculous thing is that a lot of them made sense, with some significant evidence to back themselves up; it’s easy to imagine a Harry Potter universe where these theories are canon.
Now that all the books and movies have come out, and fans are starved for more content, the theorising has changed course into something that makes canon richer and more detailed, rather than just trying to guess ahead of time what the next big plot twist would be.
The practical result of this is that re-watching the Harry Potter films is now a lot more fun; you can go back and imagine that your favourite fan theory is true, and spot evidence that supports it in the movies. Hey, if J.K. hasn’t come right out and declared it false, it could totally still be real.
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