14 Careless Celebs Caught Making a Boob of Checkin' Out Cleavage!

Ah, celebrities, they are just like me and you but with more expensive moisturizer and a penchant for owning private yachts!
We've seen 'em without makeup, getting (digitally) chubby, and wobbling around wasted, so let's spend our next celeb safari examining a different behavior that can also be seen in the rest of the human race. Perving!
Being caught with your eyeballs rolling around in somebody's scooped neckline is an excruciating experience, but next time maybe it will be less painful because you know Brad Pitt's been there too. Hurrah!

14. Harry Peeper

No Radcliffe, Aparecium isn't THAT sort of revealing charm. Teenagers, eh?


Can somebody get a crowbar to pry B-Coops eyeballs out before they suffocate?

12. R-Papped


11. Building Up a Real Rappoport

Can somebody wipe the drool from the corner of Brad's mouth please? It's putting Xenia off her speech.

10. Hypnotizing Hudgens

The look of love is not down there, Zach!

9. To the Left, To the Left!

Now I know what the P in P. Diddy stands for...

8. Reckless ALBAndon

De Niro clearly has his mind on the wrong Little Fockers at this movie premiere...

7. Kims Kapivating Kleave Katches Kayne Kreepin'

Kan't blame him.

6. The Irresistible Allure of Halle's Berrys

There are three smooth domes in this picture, and nobody is looking at the one that belongs to Bruce Willis.

5. Will.I.Get.Caught?

Yes, Will, yes you will.

4. Pervy Piven

That centimeter of lustful tongue is a real classy touch, Jeremy!

3. The Look of Love

Hayden Panettiere and Wladimir Klitschko have a baby now, so I'm guessing she never saw this picture.

2. Tantalized Townsend

Ignorance is bliss, Charlize. Trust me, you don't want to see this.

1. Ange's All-Powerful Orbs


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