This Beastly Harry Potter Concept Art Is Something Every Fan Needs To See

Just when you think you've seen everything from the original Harry Potter series, gems like this apparate out of nowhere.
A new book called Harry Potter: The Creature Vault by Jody Revenson compiles the amazing concept art actually used in the movies to bring J.K Rowling's creatures to life.
And as you'll see, the designs pretty much decided the entire look of the series - and how we visualise everything from Pygmy Puffs to Hungarian Horntails.
The book includes detailed descriptions of the beasties in question, and has a 40 page section just for dragons (because dragons are boss). It's the kind of trivia only a true fan would know, and since it comes packaged in beautiful purple bounding, it's sure to make other muggles quake with envy.
You can buy the book here, and check out more of the stunning illustrations below:


Swooping in to steal your soul, this gothic piece with blackened skies is pretty close to how the films actually depict dementors.
(Artist: Rob Bliss)

Hungarian Horntail

The Potter series encounters many dragons, but Hungarian Horntails are the most frightening. That is, unless you're Hagrid.
(Artist: Paul Catling)

Pygmy Puff

JUST LOOK AT IT. Squeeeeee.
JUST LOOK AT IT. Squeeeeee.
(Artist: Rob Bliss)

Nagini's Suprise Emergence

Probably the most horrifying moment in all the films. This still gives me nightmares.
(Artist: Paul Catling)

Harry and Ron Meet Aragog

Aragog may be a cute little pet to Hagrid, but my 11 year-old muggle self will forever be haunted by visions of its shining eyes. Shudder.
(Artist: Adam Brockbank)

Swarm of Inferii

I take it back. THIS is the most horrifying moment in the films. A swarm of dead bodies trying to drown you? No thanks.
(Artist: Rob Bliss)


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