'Spider-Man' Movie News & Rumors: Will Daniel Radcliffe Be the Next Webslinger?

After Sony announced this week that it will team up with Marvel Studios to create new Spider-Man movies, rumors on who the new Spider-Man will be have begun to surface the internet.
According to recent sources, Sony has confirmed that Andrew Garfield will no longer be back for the upcoming films but that the Sinister Six would still move ahead. Essentially Sony will attempt to reboot the series for the third time but will try to create a new and original story that also includes the classic villains from the comics.

While Garfield was beloved in the role, Sony and Marvel now have plans to create a younger Peter Parker that could still be in high school. Early on there was speculation that the studio would potentially follow the story of Miles Morales, a black-Hispanic who takes over Parker when he dies in the comics. As a result, a number of actors were rumored for the role of Morales, including Carlos Pratts, Donald Glover, John Boyega and Tristan Wilds.
Since it will now be Parker, a number of names have surfaced, including Logan Lerman. Lerman has been seen in a number of studio films including "Fury," "Percy Jackson," and "Noah." He had his big breakout in "The Perks of Being a Wallflower."
Another name that has been thrown out there is Jack O'Connell, who is getting off an exceptional year. The actor starred in "Unbroken," "'71" and "Starred Up." He also won a rising star BAFTA award among other awards.
Rising star Ansel Elgort is also being rumored for the role. The 20-year-old actor already has experience with a franchise as he is currently in the "Divergent" series and recently starred in "The Fault in Our Stars." He also starred in "Men, Women, and Children" as a high school student.
Taron Egerton is also someone Sony is looking at, especially after his breakout in "Kingsman: The Secret Service." He has also expressed interest in the role as he said it was his favorite superhero.
Other possible candidates include Dylan O'Brien and Daniel Radcliffe.
The Spider-Man movie is currently dated for July 28, 2017 but the character will make its Avengers debut in "Captain America: Civil War." That film will be released in 2016 and currently filming is underway. As a result, Marvel and Sony are actively casting.
The deal between Marvel and Sony was announced on Feb. 10, 2015 and the arrangement enables both Sony and Marvel to mutually benefit at the box office by having Spider-Man appear in their movies. However, Sony will have most of the creative decisions on the spinoff films. Marvel had originally wanted to buy back Spider-Man from Sony as the character is important to The Avengers story, but the two figured out a way to work together.
Marvel has updated its schedule to make room for Spider-Man and, as a result, "Thor: Ragnarok," "Captain Marvel," "Black Panther" and "Inhumans" have been delayed and will be released a year after they were originally planned.

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