Gambon "misses the money" from Harry Potter days

He played loveable wizard Dumbledore in the Harry Potter films but the only thing Michael Gambom says he misses about his days on the franchise is "the money.
Asked by The Radio Times if he missed his says as a wizard on the Potter films, he said: "No. I miss the money, mind you."
The Cabra-born actor, who stars in A Casual Vacancy and who also appears in Sky TV drama Fortitude, has also said he has always been plagued by self doubt.
74-year-old Gambon recently revealed his pain at no longer being able to appear in theatre because he struggles to remember his lines.
"Now I can't really do theatre. It breaks my heart, but I can't really remember lines. That was my whole life. I did more than 20 West End plays.

"I think it's just age. Your brain doesn't work as well as it used to. It affects memory and that's obviously connected to speech. I suppose that's my problem."

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