Emma Watson's Royal Dating: Has Belle Found Her Prince?

It's time to grab a liberal pinch of salt to accompany this somewhat outlandish report about Emma Watson's love life taking a royal turn.
The Australian magazine, Woman’s Day, claims that Watson is being romanced by British royal Prince Harry - the younger brother of the more frequently papped Prince William.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry
According to the magazine, Prince Harry is totally "smitten" with Emma and they assure us that it's "more than Emma’s looks" that have attracted the 30-year-old royal.
Anyone gagging for a bit of Princess Emma in real-life probably shouldn't get their hopes up though, although this pair of classy Brits have reportedly met, their 'date' was a less than intimate set up.
Hollywood Life reports that Emma and Harry's time together was shared with twelve other people "in order to make her [Emma] feel comfortable." Women's Day explains this unusual romantic arrangement by saying:

Harry didn’t want her to feel like she was put on the spot. A party also shows he’s fun and not stuffy.
Although this situation does seem highly unlikely, if I had to introduce my new girlfriend to my Grandma, The Queen of England, I would probably choose a girl like Emma Watson too!by (moviepilot.com)

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